What Trainers Should I Wear In The Gym?

Without a doubt, in my opinion, the best trainers to wear for any kind of gym workout, are the Asics GT-1000’s (see picture below). They have plenty of cushioning to give you the all shock absorbency you need if your running on the treadmill or doing a high impact exercise class. Also, they give you plenty of support so however you impact the floor the trainer will roll your foot so you should always connect neutrally. This will minimise pressure on the joints.

I think they’re a great for tackling any exercise CV machine such as; the crosstrainer, bike and especially the treadmill. Because they are actually a specialist running shoe if you also fancy getting outside and putting some miles in the bank they are perfect. However (as previously mentioned), they are really good for doing exercise classes in such as; body combat, step, circuit training and general aerobics because of the support and cushioning they provide.

The Asics GT-1000’s (Ladies Version)

The Asics GT-1000’s (Ladies Version)

They are not that expensive. The woman’s and men’s versions, both sell from £60 to £90, depending on the retailer. I’d recommend getting them from sportsshoes.com (£60) or sportsdirect.com (£73) who I’ve found to be the least expensive. Note, I always recommend replacing them every six months to maintain their shock absorbency.


Disclaimer - I have no professional connection or ties with Asics, sport shoes.com or sportsdirect.com. The recommendations in this blog post are for guidance only and I am not benefiting financially, or in other way, from these recommendations.