“My step by step process”


Step 1 – Can you really achieve your goal?

You’ve considered personal training as you feel the need to change and want to take action. You may want to lose some weight, to be able to run a marathon, join the Police, look great in those wedding photos or just build big bulging muscles! Whatever your goal you know you need to do things differently and you’d like some guidance so you can achieve your objective. However, before you decide how you are going to accomplish your goal you need to ask yourself a really important question.

“Can you give as much priority to achieving this goal as you would for a family, friendship or a professional responsibility?”

Is the answer honestly yes? If so, personal training will be of great benefit to you. If you also feel I could be the right trainer for you then please contact me and we can arrange an informal meeting. I can then give you more specific information relevant to your aspirations.

Step 2 – The consultation

We would discuss your requirements (face to face) and outline your goal, how you can achieve it and what else you need to consider. There is no charge for this meeting, there is no obligation to take it further, it is very relaxed and we could meet at my studio or somewhere else that is convenient for you. The important thing we need to establish from this consultation is; we both must be 100% confident that I can help you achieve your goal and we both must feel 100% comfortable that we can work together. If this is so, we can then arrange our first personal training session.

Step 3 – The first session; health and fitness assessment

First I would ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. This is followed by a number of health and fitness tests to discover your current levels of physical conditioning. We then review the results in detail and agree a specific goal. I will then outline the strategy and time frame to achieving the goal. Nutrition, lifestyle, motivation and time management are also discussed in depth.

Step 4 – Weekly personal training sessions

The workouts will last one hour and will consist of various aerobic and resistance training methods. These sessions will be geared towards achieving six week short term goals which we use as stepping stones for achieving the long term ultimate goal. Performance and progress are constantly monitored through ongoing testing. You will also be asked to make changes to your diet and commit to exercising outside of your personal training sessions.

Step 5 – You achieve your goal!

You have successfully made positive changes in your life and you have hit your target. Empowered with the knowledge of exercise, sensible eating, how your body works and motivation you no longer need a personal trainer. You are now totally committed to healthy living, you appreciate the benefits of your improved physical condition and you have a better quality of life.

I sincerely hope you will have enjoyed the journey as much as the destination.

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